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Not only do I work with animals, but I love to have them in my home. Here is a page dedicated to the pets that John and I have. We hope to also have some dogs someday when we get a bigger place and a backyard.



Isn't he gorgeous? We got Hades when John's aunt adopted a cat and her 4 kittens. We had wanted a cat, so we took one of the kittens home, and named him Hades. He's a great cat for the most part, but sometimes he lives up to his name. We still see Hade's mom and siblings when we visit John's aunt, and I always wonder if the mommy cat can smell Hades' scent on me and recognize it.

Hades has a great hunting instinct, and has killed a few mice for us. He also likes to play rough with his toys. When we was a kitten he could do flips while chasing toys. Hades has some wierd favorite foods, and the most bizarre is Chinese food. He loves rice, noodles, and recently we found out he likes fortune cookies.

Coffee and Cream

My birds Coffee and

Coffee and Cream are my zebra finches. Originally, I had Cream and Sugar, two birds from my old lab. Unfortunately, Sugar died recently, and I bought Coffee as a new friend for Cream. While we miss Sugar dearly, Coffee has been a great friend to Cream. She is adventurous and loves to play with the toys in the cage. She has even taught Cream to play! I believe Coffee is Cream's fountain of youth.

The Fish

Cream and Sugar

John has a 20-gallon fish tank filled with platys and a cory catfish. He originally started out with 6 platys, and now after 6 years he has about 20-30 (we think). They are happy in their environment, and just keep multiplying. Not only do John and I enjoy the soothing sounds and pretty view of the tank, but Hades also likes to watch the fish! Good thing the tank has a sturdy top...

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